Simple, Easy COVID Screening for Schools

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screenings every day before 9AM

How It Works

Students receive a daily reminder.

They take a simple screening assessment on their phone.

They're given a green Proceed badge or a red Stop badge.

They present their badge to be admitted into the school building.

Why It Works

For students

Everyone takes daily screenings with a simple-to-use app. If there’s a chance that they’ve been exposed, they get a clear signal to stay home.

For parents

Parents need to know that you’re doing everything you can to keep your students safe. SafeReturn is the fastest way to reduce risk at your school.

For Administrators

With an easy-to-read dashboard and customizable screening questions, you can quickly and meaningfully reduce your school’s risk.

Deploy It at Your School in 48 Hours

Set up your account in minutes and receive your unique school code

Customize your screener questions

Email your unique school code and our instructions to your students

When they sign up, you’ll see their test results on the Insights Platform.

Insights Platform

Your school administration gets a focused dashboard

Cleared users

Not-cleared users

When it’s time for a deep dive into the data, our analytics platform offers

At-risk users and locations

Trending risk patterns

There is no software to install: everything runs in the browser, so it’s easy to share information.

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$ 1000 school year subscription
  • 100 daily assessments
  • $0 initial setup


$ 3000 school year subscription
  • 1000 daily assessments
  • $0 initial setup


$ 5000 school year subscription
  • 2500 daily assessments
  • $0 initial setup